Sunday, August 22, 2010

Choirs and singing groups

I've been to a musical theatre workshop with the amazing Ria Keen of Voices Unlimited today. I couldn't take part fully in the all-moving performance experience because I'm on crutches after a small knee operation. But it was powerful stuff.

Yesterday I took my crutches to Helen Russell's workshop. Helen runs Express Yourself with singing groups for adults and children at Lyppard Grange Community Centre and a lunchtime adults' group at Elgar School of Music. Completely different, much less intense, but friendly and fun - just what many people are looking for.

People on both days have mentioned that they have been looking for singing groups in the area for a long time with no luck, hence this post. I'll also mention two groups I regularly go to.

Natural Voices with Ros Thomas meets in Malvern, it's a non-performing group where we learn everything from scratch at every meeting. It's calm (mostly) and wonderful. Most of the original singers still come every time, and have been joined by 50+ newer arrivals.

The long-standing Volcano Community Choir run by Hilary Davies in Worcester, sings music from all over the world and performs often. The picture, from Hilary's web site, is a small selection of us performing at Upton Water Festival.

I'm happy to mention other choirs and music groups here too, if you let me have a link in a comment.