Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wildlife in the Park

Last year on one Saturday afternoon a group of over 30 volunteers turned out to help with gardening, litter collectiing and hanging bird boxes made by pupils from the Royal Grammar School. The event atrracted lots of publicityin the local papers and was a real success. Even though it was late in the year to hang bird boes, at least three of the eleven were definitely used to rear young, and possibly another four, which gives encouragement for this year.
The bird boxes and flowerbeds have enhanced the wildlife attracted to the area and there are suggestions to icorporate more changes to assist wildlife. One possibility is to set aside areas in the park that will be allowed to grow wild, attracting diffrent animals, insects and plants.
For those interested in wildlife, a register is being kept of animals and birds spotted in the park or seen from the park and is posted on the notice boards. Please report your sitings by email to duncan sutcliffe xxduncan@sutcliffeinsurancexx.co.uk (leaving out the xx's which are there to help prevent junk emails). You don't need to be an expert as even a 'probable sighting is welcome. A couple of more interesting animals recorded recently include a number of sightings of a bird of prey that may be a sparrowhawk and sightings of bats as late as October and as early as February. The picture is from Gary Cox's web site and is not local.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The View From Fort Royal

I've put a new set of photos on Picasa, taken when the daffodils were first blooming and the crocuses were at their best. Thank you to the lady who was concerned that I had collapsed on the path. In fact I was lying down to check that I had the Cathedral framed nicely by the daffodils! I've seen several others lying down to get this shot but no-one so far as I know got one with crocuses in the foreground. Can we have some planted more conveniently for next year please?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fort Royal Park Gardening Group

The Friends of Fort Royal have a gardening group which keeps the beds in the Park looking good throughout the year, and does a regular litter pick. Anyone can join in by turning up on the first Saturday of the month at 2pm. Here's a picture of Dilys and Evan with some of the plants they care for.

Photos on Picasa Web Albums

Please have a look at my Picasa Web Albums with photos of Worcester and around, the 2007 Eclipse and lots more.
Here's a link to the Eclipse set