Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Digging up the Past

I have aching muscles this evening because I've spent the day in the trenches at the Commandery Dig 2006. We passed the first day scraping the infilled soil off last year's trench,so the we can dig deeper in the same place. With a shovel and a pick ... well a mattock, a shovel, a little coal shovel, a dustpan type brush and the archaeologist's favourite trowel. You can come and see us in action, even though the Commandery itself is closed, covered in scaffolding and fenced off. Just come through the gates in Wylds Lane, Tuesday - Sunday. Ask lots of questions. We have archaeology students as well as professional archaeologists to answer them.


applecake said...

Hi John

Great read, nice to see what diggers are up to!
Thanks for posting a link to our site, much appreciated!



trowels for archaeology

John Stafford said...

You are welcome to the link. It's got the best trowel picture. Liked the Ruby Applecake site too!