Monday, June 18, 2007

Great Pictures of Worcester

Worcester Festival fireworks
AJK Photography has a really good Flickr site with 16 sets of Worcester photos as of today, including Fort Royal, fireworks and floods. Not only that, but sets for Malvern, London, Nature, Buildings and Churches. The photo here appears with his permission.

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AJK said...

Hello and thanks for the mention.

I remember receiving a message from you asking about the use of my pictures but the message vanished so I can't remember exactly what you wrote.

Yes you can use my photos and I'm happy for you to put them to some good use. With a bit of luck I'll be taking some more photos of the area soon when the weather is suitable and I can get there. I have some projects in mind which will utilise photos and videos to promote the area and its history.

Keep up the good work and feel free to contact me again.