Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thank you for your feedback

There have been lots of comments on this blog, so thank you to everyone who took the trouble. If anyone was put off by having to register on Blogger, sorry for not getting the comment settings right first time, but I have done it now.Anyone can comment now, withour registering!

I thought Laura's comment was worth repeating in a main entry, so here it is:

Laura said...

Thanks for all the fantastic photos over the last few weeks - I've enjoyed reading your experiences of the excavation.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if this kind of community excavation could be repeated each year - I met so many people who had heard too late about the dig to get the chance to volunteer - for instance those of us with young kids have to get there while the dears are still at school and we may get the chance to throw a sickie - (no not really Simon!) There's a demand - I only hope it can be met in future years.
P.S. Don't think about the winter guys - volunteers do not get paid for freezing their fingers off!

And Julian found a copy of the BBC video clip at

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Anonymous said...

The Dig at the Butts
Okie dokie - just read my last message about how we should do a community excavation again. With all our best intentions it's been a while - but with a great deal of hard work from everyone across the County's Heritage Services we're off again! On Monday the 4th August 2008 the first volunteers arrive to work on the 10 week community excavation.
Let me tell you how unusual it is to have this happen. Most excavations called 'training excavations' expect people to turn up and dig - for a fee. This dig in Worcester gives everyone the chance to dig for no charge - to find out what an archaeological excavation is really about - work along side professional archaeologists - get the chance to ask the questions you've wanted to ask when watching Time Team - and get real answers - not just the ones that suit the producer's requirements. We're not making TV we're building a library and the archaeology is all a part of that process. The Library will be for the residents of worcester and the dig is for the same people. (end of rant - sorry).
Please come down to The butts Dig - the old City Council depot up from the Cattle Market car Park - if you can't or don't want to join in the excavation - the Dig is open for 10 weeks from 4th August 10am - 4pm for 7 days a week.
There's an exhibition and guided tours at the weekends.
Sorry but the dig volunteers must be over 18 and fit enough not to hurt themselves in physical work, but as a personal comment I'd like to make it clear that if you have a disability or a slightly fragile state and really want to get involved, have a word with the organisers - they can make things possible. There will also be events for under 18s and groups - for more info phone 01905 855455 between 9:30 and 12:30.
hope to see everyone there.