Sunday, July 30, 2006

Last Pictures

These, I'm afraid, are my last pictures. If you have any you want to see on this blog, please shrink them to 300-400 pixels across and email them to me with details. Sorry to archaeologists, volunteers, Commandery staff, members of the public and press photographers who I may have walked into, got in the way of or included in the background of pictures without their permission. And thank you to everyone. It's been a fascinating experience.

Looking at a piece of ground, you try to guess what might be underneath, but you are rarely right. Who would have thought that there was so much fill put into the garden in the last couple of centuries that in places we would never get down to older levels in the time we had? Or that such a magnificent wall was only centimetres under the ground at Trench 7?

Can we do it again next year please?


Daim said...

hello John, is it alright if I pinch a few of your photo's?

Laura said...

Thanks for all the fantastic photos over the last few weeks - I've enjoyed reading your experiences of the excavation.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if this kind of community excavation could be repeated each year - I met so many people who had heard too late about the dig to get the chance to volunteer - for instance those of us with young kids have to get there while the dears are still at school and we may get the chance to throw a sickie - (no not really Simon!) There's a demand - I only hope it can be met in future years.
P.S. Don't think about the winter guys - volunteers do not get payed for freezing their fingers off!

John Stafford said...

Thanks for your comments, daim and laura.
Laura, I'll add your comments to a main blog entry.
Daim, certainly you can use my dig pictures for any non-commercial use, with a link back to this blog, please.

Anonymous said...

Hi john. I didnt manage to make the last day - do you know if they managed to work out whether the green layer in the garden trench was the natural bedrock in the end? if it stretched the whole of the trench? it was a matter of some deliberation when I was last there on tuesday.

Andie said...

Sorry, that anonymous comment was by me. Btw thankyou forthe up to date dig blog - it was very useful in catching up on what i missed the days i wasnt there :)

John Stafford said...

Thanks for your comment, Andie. Sorry, I didn't get much information in the last week, too busy taking photos.

Hal said...

Andie asked abou the clay layer in the garden trench. That
was fill, not a geological deposit. Basically we did not see natural in any of the trenches - the whole site is built on successive dump layers, built up to avoid flooding.

John Stafford said...

Thanks for making that clear, Hal.