Thursday, July 27, 2006


I can wash up at home any time I like, so finds washing has little attraction for me, but a small band of loyal washers has been supplemented by lots of extra volunteers, particularly during the heat. They wash and scrub the pots, bones and tiles, then mark them with the identifier for the context they come from, that's the level and location of soil they are found in. As well as being pretty to look at, and being the justification for digging that we need for the builders: "Found any gold yet?", they help to date the features that we find. Finally, the whole band of diggers, the tools, health forms, documentation, toilets and Jaffa Cakes which support the dig, not to mention the day by day professional decisions, are managed brilliantly by Justin, the dig boss. He doesn't pose for photos, it makes him break up laughing, but I got him while he was measuring.

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