Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More Commandery Dig Pictures

Everything is written down and drawn on a plan. We also take levels with a theodolite and take photos with a digital camera. The information gathered of where exactly everything was in every layer of earth is as useful as the finds, and takes much longer than the digging.
Though sometimes we dig with shovels.
... and there is endless cleaning with a trowel to get a surface where the differences in soil colour and texture can easily be seen.
This probably a sheep jawbone. It's definitely not human.

...but we are still proud of everything we find ...

... and wash it carefully, without a dishwasher.


Daim said...

Hello John, I cant believe the Commandery was rained off today, what I'd have given for a camera! Were you due to be in today?

John Stafford said...

Thanks for your comment, daim. I was intending to be at the Commandery on Thursday, but having been in Sidbury at the height of the flood, in a taxi fortunately, I guessed that nothing would be done at least until it stopped raining! I didn't have a camera to take pictures from the taxi, which is why the illustration of the rain is taken from my kitchen window. Only the hollyhocks suffered in my house, though one of the archaeologists lost his kitchen roof. Apart from holes still full of water in some trenches, we were back to normal by Friday afternoon.
I'm back in on Wednesday.