Saturday, July 08, 2006

Flash flood delays progress

Very severe rainfall on Wednesday evening caused flash flooding in many parts of Worcester, with several roads being inundated because the drains were full. The recent dry weather had made the ground hard, so that runoff was fast and uncontrollable. Stanley Road, Dent Close, Wylds Lane and City Walls Road and Sidbury were among those affected in the Fort Royal area. The canal overflowed its towpath at Sidbury Lock, affecting the Kings Head pub, which was also suffering flooding from the wash caused by vehicles negotiating floodwater on the carriageway. The Worcester News has a report and BBC Hereford and Worcester has pictures.

The Commandery dig site was waterlogged, and part was completely flooded for a while, so little was done on Thursday, and Friday morning was spent getting rid of silt and gravel which had fallen into the trenches.

Proof of the flooding was in the trench nearest the canal. A fish had been washed into it, and the water had gone down again before it could swim back into the canal. Tragically, nothing could be done to save it, and it was buried with full archaeological honours on the spoil heap. A suitable gravestone was erected during our morning break.

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